Project: G-WaLe ‘floater’

The G-WaLe ‘floaters’ is the first mobile water measurement system for rivers that applies global navigation satellite system (GNSS) technologies to report the water level of an endangered river-zone in near real-time.

Floods represent a worldwide problem that causes economic and ecological devastation of afflicted regions and claim thousands of lives each year. Worldwide climate change and global warming are likely to raise the number of floods considerably. 

The extent and occurrence of floods are hard to predict, as most flood measuring methods nowadays lack accurate real-time data of the development of the water levels. Etamax’s G-WaLe system, together with international consultancy and research institution DHI Wasser & Umwelt, considerably improves flood predictions by using satellite navigation.

A set of G-WaLe floaters can be anchored in the river to provide near real-time positioning measurements, which can then be correlated with a fixed reference station to a user data centre. The collected data can be used for a better calibration of river models for preventive flood protection and to support operational forces in the event of a crisis.

The system can be easily dispatched by ground or air transport to an endangered area and can use satellite navigation services and data forwarding via GSM or, in the future, satellite communication.