L-One Systems

L-One Systems


L-One Systems GmbH is the provider of the most innovative management application for gardeners. With yearlong experience we are experts in developing individual management applications in the cloud. Supported by mobile apps for smartphones and tablet computers we enable ubiquitous information availability for small and middle sized enterprises.

Products and Services or Concept/ Project

Schuafel is an Internet based management application for small and middle sized enterprises. The virtual cockpit provides the management of products, services, customers and orders and takes care of billing and payments. Mobile applications support the system by GPS to receive information right at the user’s current position. This makes Schaufel a smart and helpful application for handcrafted enterprises mainly working outdoors.

Achileo is the next generation of an information and orientation system for historically interested cemetery visitors. Cemeteries are places with a high potential of historic information. Municipalities share information about points of interest at cemeteries with the Achileo web portal. Visitors access that information via GSP supported smartphone applications which provide guided tours and detailed information.

ESA Business Incubation

L-One System GmbH is hosted at ESA Business Incubation Centre (BIC) Darmstadt, run by the German company cesah. This has provided the opportunity to consult ESA experts who have supported with technology insights and ideas to improve the system.

In addition, especially the support provided by cesah in relation to general business activities has been very helpful.


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