SCALE aims to develop and commercialize the GIMOD technology. Graphene Interferometric MOdulator Display is an e-paper technology whose pixels are mechanical micro-devices made of the wonder material, graphene. GIMOD offers four advantages over current technology:

·       Reflective display technology with high contrast in bright surroundings

·       Ultimate resolution (>2500 ppi) with low power consumption

·       Very low frame rates (>1000 fps)

·       Meeting today’s and tomorrow’s portable VR visor requirements

The Challenge

Displays are the component in electronics that consume more power. Portable devices like virtual reality (VR) gadgets intensively drag electricity from batteries to convert it into light so images and videos are created, but such consumption limits the service life and user experience. Alternatively, reflective-type displays (like those in e-book readers) consume little power although cannot provide colorful images nor fast frame rates to reproduce videos. Displays for VR applications have requirements that standard technologies (OLED, LCD) cannot meet: higher resolution displays with smaller pixels that can change their color faster and with less power. SCALE has the solution.

The Solution and non-space benefit

A GIMOD pixel is a micro-electromechanical system device consisting of a graphene membrane that stands freely on top of a low-finesse optical cavity. Controlling the position of the membrane enables the spectrum modulation of the reflected light and, due to its nanometric thinness and mechanical properties, a GIMOD pixel can produce full-spectrum colors. That is, one pixel can display all different colors in the visible range without having color-specific subpixels and subpixel rendering, therefore drastically improving the addressing bandwidth and power consumption.

The first application field where GIMOD can enter is the microdisplays market for VR/AR and videoprojectors (2”). In the Mobile World Congress 2017 we demonstrated the first GIMOD display with 2500 pixels per inch, each pixel of 5µm in size. Moreover, our GIMOD display has an ultrahigh frame rate (>1000Hz) and only consumes the minimal energy to move the graphene material (no light generation in illuminated environments).


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