SFM Systems

SFM Systems


Founded in July 2018, SFM Systems aims to provide manufacturing companies with a digital shop floor management system that supports them in their day-to-day operations, solves problems faster and more effectively, and saves time through automated KPI (key performance indicators) capture. The team of SFM Systems combines years of experience in the area of lean management and digitization consulting for production, as well as in software development for industrial Internet of Things (IoT) platforms.

The Challenge

European space manufactures underlie an increasing competition, a trend which is especially obvious in the field of medium- and heavy-lift launch vehicles. For example, in 2017 SpaceX launched for the first time more satellites (16) in comparison to Arianespace (14) and plans to deliver more than 20 in the upcoming years.

Besides the introduction of new technology, the European space industry needs to adapt more efficient manufacturing processes. That includes a more streamlined manufacturing process after the engineering and planning phase of the product have been performed. Single methods of lean production like 5S (a way to organize and standardize a single working place) or value stream mapping (assemble working places in the most efficient order) have been introduced in order to reduce waste, lowering the overall throughput time and costs. Due to the low volume and high specialization character of the space manufacturing industry, new approaches for process optimisation need to focus on workers and engineers.

The Solution and non-space benefit

From the perspective of SFM Systems a further development of the Digital Teamboard can be the solution to these problems. The Digital Teamboard can act as a platform with which remote teams can work on different hierarchy levels on problems arising in production. The distributed cooperative work in the Digital Teamboard is also important for the documentation of working steps when several companies are involved during manufacturing. Furthermore, the high quality standards and documentation rules (like ECSS) may be successfully applied in the non-space market for competitive advantages.


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