contagt GmbH

contagt GmbH


contagt is a spin-off from University Mannheim. The startup was founded in 2013 and specialized in indoor navigation and app development. contagt's founder team consists of Stephan Brandt (CTO), Johannes Britsch (CEO), Niklas Bartz, and Johannes Schudt. Together our mission is to create the smartest way to welcome visitors and manage buildings.

Product and Services

contagt offers a commercial indoor navigation platform. The platform contains native apps for Android and iOS, a web interface, SDKs, and a REST API. contagt supports localization via bluetooth beacons, WiFi, GPS, sensor fusion, and QR/NFC markers. Indoor maps are provided as downloadable guides which can be managed by a web-based backend. Guides include access restriction options and features can be extended by plugins.

ESA Business Incubation

Contagt GmbH is hosted at ESA Business Incubation Centre (BIC) Darmstadt, run by the German company cesah. This has provided the opportunity to consult ESA experts who have supported with technology insights and ideas to improve the system.

In addition, especially the support provided by cesah in relation to general business activities has been very helpful.


contagt GmbH

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